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Antonio Scalogna
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Med Sim Studio is a simple solution to have a patient monitor and build an entire case through a large library of laboratory and radiological tests. The Simulation Technician has reviewed it for you.

To put it bluntly, simulation has a considerable cost, not only related to the hardware but also to the software. It’s true, paying thousands of euros for a software brings with it several advantages, including quality and support from the developer or reseller. But it is not always possible to spend so much money, and what remains unaffected, regardless of the price, is the need to introduce simulation in clinical and academic settings.

The background of Med Sim Studio

Adam Blumenberg is the sole creator and developer of the project. He is an instructor himself, with the skills of a simulation technician, but he wanted to create something simple that displayed dynamic vital signs and images in the most intuitive way possible, not only in a classroom but also inside the hospital, or simply in remote sessions through a Zoom call, Google Meet, etc.

Patient Monitor and Control System not online

The particularity of the software lies in its simplicity. Normally we would come up with two different devices for the learner-side and the instructor-side patient monitor, in this case instead Adam developed the application by putting everything together in the same session, thus eliminating all network complications and “forcing” the end user to use two monitors in extended mode. In addition to this, Med Sim Studio is not limited to having a classic monitor on which we can change parameters and waves to our liking, but it is possible to create a complete clinical case.

One software, four modes


As soon as the software is launched it will start in streamlined mode, i.e. with the possibility of using the Patient Monitor and sending pre-selected images to the side.

Monitor only

In this mode you can simply use the patient monitor.

Keep It Simple

This is probably the simplest mode (as per the title), the instructor can only select presets, without the possibility of changing the vital parameters.


In this mode it is possible to use the software to the fullest of its functions. In addition to the Monitor Control we find Stimuli, a large database of reports (ECG, ultrasound, X-ray, CT and laboratory tests) and the possibility of inserting your own texts and media. The last two items of the main menu are useful during the scenario and for the debriefing phase, namely Scribe and Assessment, which respectively allow you to mark the actions performed in the Log and add information to the scenario (educator name, learners, location). In the Assessment phase it is possible to describe the leadership and communication that took place during the simulation, as well as view the scenario Log.

Who is this software for?

The simplest answer is «for everyone!», given its very simple structure. In reality, its use is perfect in the classroom: the patient monitor on the learner side can be set on the projector, while the instructor can send reports and change parameters on the PC. It could be useful in those cases in which there are 30 or more students in the classroom and the teacher wants to carry out a clearly more interactive lesson, for example by impersonating the patient himself, perhaps verbalizing what is found during the objective examination and what happens [ «the patient loses consciousness», «you see the turgid jugulars», etc].

Final verdict

To date, MedSim Studio is among the best free software in the field of medical simulation, due to its extreme simplicity of use. Of course, the user interface could be improved and made more user-friendly, as could the division of features, but we are still talking about an “indie” software.

  • Conceptually and graphically very simple.
  • A very comprehensive PDF guide is provided
  • Totally free software
  • Creator/developer always available
  • The use of the Tri-View of the learner-side patient monitor is not very intuitive.

Antonio Scalogna

Click here to access Med Sim Studio

“I made Med Sim Studio free because I believe in open access medical education and wanted to contribute something that would help other educators and medical students. My hope is that learning with Med Sim Studio results in better patient care.”

Adam Blumenberg, Med Sim Studio Developer

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