SIMZINE is a digital and printable magazine, independent, irreverent, and published for information purposes, which promotes the use of simulation in the education and training of health professionals to ensure greater patient safety.

SIMZINE wants to be a useful, practical, and fun tool both for those who approach simulation and for those who already use it daily.

SIMZINE intends to intercept all aspects of simulation: from scientific research to scenario design; from the development of trainer skills to the technical features of simulators; and from the practical application in teaching courses to the legal and management aspects of the Centres.

And we want to do it in a cheerful, different, and perhaps even bizarre and impertinent way, leaving the word to anyone who has something to say.

Managing Director
Pier Luigi Ingrassia

Project Manager
Annalisa Pellecchia

Graphics and layout
Pietro CordiniCarlo Tizzi

Web Developer
Vincenzo Garofalo

Social Media Manager
Gianluca Nepi

External Relations
Giacomo Gensini

Featured on this issue:
Gabriella Andriolo, Alessia Bolamperti, Giorgio Capogna, Emanuele Capogna, Ilaria Cappiello, Mariapina Cerulo, Antonio Ciambrone, Carlo Coniglio, Maria Escolino, Ciro Esposito, Jeffrey Franc, Gianfranco Lau, Rosaria Lea, Paolo Ledda, Elisabetta Marzo, Federico Moro, Franco Polito, Gavina Porcu, Antonio Raffaele, Antonio Scalogna, Edoardo Toledo, Assunta Turco




SimZine is published by Simedita SRLs

Board of Directors: Giacomo GensiniPier Luigi Ingrassia
Via Panciatichi 40/11 – 50127 Firenze
Registration at the Civil Court of Florence 29/9/2021, nr. 6151

ISSN 2785-7441

Anyone who finds errors, omissions and inaccuracies in the materials, data and information published, or believes that such materials, data, information violate their rights, can send an email to Simedita Srls: and, after our careful verification, we will correct or delete the reported content.

Image: Graphic elaboration by Ilaria Cappiello from “Child with a basket of fruit”
[Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio – 1593-1594 – Galleria Borghese, Roma.]