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SIMZINE is a magazine for healthcare professionals, dedicated to covering a broad spectrum of topics essential to simulation and education in healthcare fields. Through engaging print articles, online stories, and multimedia features, SIMZINE delves into the latest innovative techniques, theoretical discoveries, new technology, business, and careers. SIMZINE’s articles are concise, accurate, and entertaining, and they present all kinds of information, including the latest developments or the most complex researchs, in an accessible way, so you don’t have to be a researcher or an expert to appreciate them.

The operational base is in Italy but it is favored by leading experts in both industry and academia from all around the world who seek insightful analyses and diverse perspectives on simulation-based education subjects.

SIMZINE is multi-language [each article available in English, Spanish, Italian and some also in French and Portuguese] and wants to give a voice to anyone who has something to say and it is worthwhile to spread. SIMZINE believes it is important to report and share not only facts but also lived experiences, without having to undergo the rigidity of scientific journals but ensuring the accuracy of sources.

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Become an Author

SIMZINE actively encourages the submission of essays, opinion pieces and device or software reviews from clinicians, academics, technicians and professionals in the healthcare simulation and education field. We aim to present a variety of voices and perspectives and to offer all a space to highlight important issues and debates that might otherwise lack a venue.

The following are the type of contributions we are happy to share with our readers:

• Short articles: upholding SIMZINE’s rigorous editorial quality, these are concise and timely pieces. Their length is of 1000 to1200 words and can include opinions, speculations and personal experiences.

• Essays: in-depth examinations of complex topics, crafted by innovative and earnest minds. These articles should contain 2000 to 3000 words of main text and 3 to 5 display items (figures or tables) with brief legends. The main text should be divided into sections with brief subheadings. These articles should be composed in straightforward, clear language that can be easily understood by simulationists and not-experts in the discipline. This approach markedly differs from the usual academic tone and complexity found in journal articles or reviews.

• Book or Media Reviews (maximum of 800 words): they offer insights on recent books, exhibitions, conferences, podcasts, and other forms of media that are expected to capture the widespread interest of our audience.

• Software or device reviews (1000-1200 words): its primary purpose is to guide the reader to the essential aspects of the software or the device, keeping a light-hearted approach. It shares author’s experience with the item, helping readers to discover what features the item provides and understand if it meets their educational requirements. The author should list a fair Pros & Cons and conclude with a concise final verdict.

• Video and Podcast: digital audio and video series focusing on the intersection of simulation technology and educational strategies. They feature discussions, interviews, and stories about using simulation for training, learning, and development in various fields, particularly in enhancing skills, understanding complex systems, and improving educational outcomes.

Whatever the form, preparing a contribution for publication in SIMZINE is a collaborative effort involving the entire staff. At least one content editor reviews the piece prior to its release. These editors play a crucial role ensuring that critical details are not only included but also accurate and relevant to our specialized field. Our design team, led by the design director, selects and refines visuals such as provided photos, videos, and infographics to enhance our stories, sometimes creating these elements in-house to precisely align with the content. Meanwhile, the web production and social media team are instrumental in crafting engaging headlines, managing the online publication process, and developing tailored posts for platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. This ensures that our content reaches a broad audience of healthcare simulationists, educators and enthusiasts across various digital channels. Until our electronic submission system is ready please email your manuscript to We prefer files to be prepared using our updated Word template. Manuscript are evaluated by at least one content editor and authors are notified of decisions by email. Manuscripts chosen for publication undergo editing for enhanced precision and clarity, as well as to adjust their length.

Anyone who finds errors, omissions and inaccuracies in the materials, data and information published, or believes that such materials, data, information violate their rights, can send an email to Simedita Srls: and, after our careful verification, we will correct or delete the reported content.

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SIMZINE has forged a powerful relationship with the Scientific Societies in order to expand its global capabilities and reach. To best suit our partners’ needs we offer customized partnership offers. For more information about partnership opportunities please contact us.

SIMZINE is proud of its alliance with the following supporting partners and events.

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Editorial Indipendence and Transparency

One of our fundamental principles is to be honest and transparent in our work and in our interactions with sources and readers. Accuracy is essential and we dedicate significant effort to verifying that our work is factually accurate, presented equitably, and contextualized. We aim for professional neutrality while delivering detailed and extensive reporting.
We accept grants and sponsorships from individuals and organizations for the general support of our activities, but our news judgments or device reviews are made independently and not on the basis of donor support.


SIMZINE is the first multi-language, digital and printable magazine that exploits the full potential of digital media to talk about simulation and healthcare education. It is FREELY accessible through PCs, smartphone and tablets and it is FREELY distributed in 200+ simulation centers over Europe. It is also consistently distributed at key conference and industry events around the world.
Allocating your advertising budget to SIMZINE is a strategic and significant choice that advances your marketing objectives while also supporting our worldwide mission to create a positive impact in the field of patient safety trough simulation and quality education and training. Our multi-channel marketing solutions, from print to online, connect your organization directly with our audience so you have the best chance to present your products or brand your company. Whether your needs are for a straightforward advertisement or a distinctive, focused campaign, our team offers strategy and insight to help your company achieve its ambitions.

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