Innovation and realism in IMSH 2024

Alvaro Trampal Ramos
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The IMSH 2024 as told by Álvaro Trampal Ramos, aka the @enfermerodesimulacion

From January 20-24, the city of San Diego (USA) was the epicenter of the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). This congress, driven by a wide variety of papers, workshops and the overwhelming participation of the simulation industry, far exceeded all expectations. 

From the very first moment, reality has exceeded immagination. This was not just a congress, but a majestic event, where scientific excellence was reflected in every paper, poster, workshop and industry interaction. The opening ceremony was a breath of motivation and energy, anticipating a day of unparalleled intensity.

A highlight of the IMSH was its exhibition area, which showcased the latest trends in the clinical simulation industry. If I had to define the simulation industry trend in two words, they are innovation and realism. Exhibitors presented virtual and augmented reality solutions that immerse participants in virtual worlds to train and develop skills and competencies from the comfort of their homes or clinical simulation centers.

The word “realism” resonated strongly, linking clinical simulation to the fidelity of the scenarios, so essential in our work. Some simulators reached such a degree of realism that distinguishing between a real patient and an ultra-realistic simulator required close attention. From surgical task trainers, ECMO, major burns to neonatal patients and even Down Syndrome simulators promoting inclusion and diversity, the variety was unimaginable. In addition, we cannot overlook simulators with motion and facial expressions driven by artificial intelligence.

One of the most rewarding moments of the IMSH was the opportunity to meet and participate in activities with professionals from all over the world. Sharing experiences, discovering how they face daily challenges and understanding their concerns created a unique bond. It is gratifying to discover that all “simulationists” speak the same language: the language of simulation, regardless of where in the world we work. We are one big united family, ready to contribute to the training of exceptional professionals in our Clinical Simulation Centers.

In summary, the IMSH in San Diego was not only an event, but an experience that more than lived up to expectations, uniting professionals from around the world in the pursuit of excellence in clinical simulation. May this experience continue to inspire and reinforce our commitment to train extraordinary healthcare professionals.


Alvaro Trampal Ramos

Alvaro Trampal Ramos

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