3B Scientific: Advancing Medical Education with Cutting-Edge Solutions

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Explore 3B Scientific’s latest medical simulation solutions, including Atlas Junior, SAM4 Auscultation manikin, SimConnect for REALITi 360, Kelsey, and e Sono. These innovations redefine medical education, offering realism, flexibility, and enhanced engagement for both in-person and remote learning. Read the article to learn more


At this year’s IMSH conference, we are thrilled to introduce you to 3B Scientific’s latest advancements in medical simulation solutions. Their commitment to redefining the future of medical education is exemplified through groundbreaking products, including Atlas Junior, SAM4 Auscultation manikin, SimConnect for REALITi 360, and Kelsey. All these groundbreaking advancements are the result of the collaborative efforts of 3B Scientific’s growing family of companies. Together, they share a common mission to globally drive innovation and transformation in the field of medical training.

Atlas Junior: A Game-Changer in Pediatric ALS Training

Meet Atlas Junior, the newest member of the Atlas manikin family.  Atlas Junior is the evolution of the groundbreaking ALS manikin, Atlas, which has already revolutionized integrated medical simulation. Tailored for pediatric ALS training, Atlas Junior builds on the same successful principles as Atlas, offering a fully mobile, wireless solution that enhances in-situ training and takes pediatric simulation to new levels of realism. Seamlessly integrated with REALITi 360, Atlas Junior is an indispensable asset for modern medical training.

Atlas Junior
SAM Online

Introducing SAM4 and SAM4 Online: Immersive Auscultation Learning

In today’s dynamic educational landscape, effective tools are essential for enhancing classroom management and engagement. With the integration of Bluetooth connectivity, the SAM4 Auscultation manikin revolutionizes immersive auscultation education, delivering interactive training features to students. To elevate the learning experience even further, 3B Scientific introduced SAM4 Online – a cutting-edge app- and web-based e-learning platform for auscultation training. This innovative tool empowers educators to embrace the most modern approach in setting up their auscultation classes, whether in person, remote, or as a hybrid solution.

SimConnect for REALITi 360: Advanced Realism


Realism is paramount in medical simulation, and SimConnect for REALITi 360 takes it to new heights. SimConnect introduces realistic oxygenation simulation and lifelike capnography, providing true-to-life physiological responses. The real-time, accurate tidal volume data it offers improves critical care training for both pediatric and adult manikins.

Meet Kelsey: A Lifelike Dark-Skinned Female Teenager

This dark-skinned female manikin is a representation of the typical female teenager, addressing a crucial gap in medical training and elevating the care quality for this age group. Kelsey’s ability to replicate the crucial 50/50 duty cycle sets her apart from traditional spring mechanisms. With innovative circumferential shapes and bespoke bio-polymers, Kelsey provides the most authentic training available while presenting the realistic appearance of a teenage girl.

E Sono: Unprecedented Flexibility in Ultrasound Training

Introducing e Sono, the latest innovation in ultrasound training. This online SaaS Ultrasound Training Simulation Tool offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling learning from anywhere, at any time. With a comprehensive library of anatomical and pathological scans derived from real patients, e Sono empowers learners, whether novice or experienced practitioners, to explore real-world ultrasound scans, transforming the ultrasound training experience.

E Sono

About the 3B Scientific Group of Companies

Founded in 1948, 3B Scientific has grown into a global group of companies dedicated to advancing healthcare and science education worldwide. Their commitment to diversity and respect in the workforce drives real change. Represented in over 120 countries and with numerous releases each year, 3B Scientific sets the pace for innovation and customer-focused solutions in the industry.

Elevate your medical education experience with 3B Scientific and embrace the future of medical training.


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