Healthcare Training & Innovation Conference: Meet the Future of Simulation in Fes

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From 22 to 24 February 2024, more than 1,200 healthcare professionals will gather in Fes (Morocco) for the third edition of the Health Training and Innovation Conference (HTIC). It will be one of the most important healthcare simulation events of the year: read the article to find out more.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation, and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Health Training and Innovation Conference (HTIC) 2024 Fes will be the 3rd edition of the annual congress of Morocco Sim, following the inaugural edition in Tangier in 2022 and the exceptional edition in Casablanca in 2023.

The event is co-organized by “Morocco Sim” and the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry of Fes, and will take place on February 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2024. 

Morocco Sim is a Moroccan society for healthcare simulation, dedicated to advancing practices in health sciences and focused on pedagogy, research, and innovation in the field of healthcare education. Morocco Sim strives to create a holistic platform for healthcare professionals to learn advanced pedagogical methods, share their experiences, disseminate good practice, and lead innovation. By focusing on the integration of technology into clinical training, Morocco Sim aspires to shape the future of healthcare by creating a space dedicated to discovery and excellence in the clinical field.

Morocco Sim aims to be a meeting point for all healthcare professionals who collectively manage citizens’ health in real life. As such, Morocco Sim members are medical doctors, dental health professionals, pharmacy professionals, nursing professionals, allied health professionals such as physiotherapists and dieticians, medical technologists and technicians, social workers, and medical administrative staff who together provide support in various healthcare settings and play a vital role in the healthcare system, contributing to patient care, wellness promotion, disease prevention, and overall healthcare delivery.

The location chosen by Morocco Sim for this edition is the millenary city of Fes, for its rich history in the field of education. Its famous Qaraouiyine University is the world’s very first established university, and its founder is a pre-eminent Moroccan woman named Fatima al Fihrya. The conference’s poster displays the pioneering work of Qaraouiyine as it depicts the first doctorate in Medicine awarded by this illustrious university in the year 1207.

The HTIC aims to create a dynamic environment where healthcare professionals, researchers, and educators can collaborate to push the boundaries of clinical learning.

HTIC provides a transformative experience that enhances clinical skills, encourages innovation, and promotes the sharing of knowledge amongst healthcare professionals. 

The conference will be marked by the presence of simulation pioneer David Gaba, and 11 other prestigious international speakers alongside plenty of Moroccan experts.

The 3rd edition of HTIC 2024 Fes will represent three days of limitless learning for all healthcare professionals. It will cover the essential aspects of healthcare simulation and pedagogical innovation, with 4 major additions this year: a track intended to fundamental sciences; a curriculum dedicated to telehealth; one focused on disaster medicine; and finally one designed for research papers to be presented both visually and orally, and published in a special issue of the Journal of Medical and Surgical Research, the only indexed Moroccan medical journal.

In total, there will be activities taking place in 13 parallel tracks, with a wide and diverse target audience including educators, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, engineers, managers, biomedical professionals, and health science students.

Each track will last three days and include multiple sessions in a specific field designed for a target audience. The canvas of each session is published on the conference’s website to allow the participants to make their choices among the parallel tracks and benefit from the conference in an optimal way.

In total, the conference will offer to its 1200 participants, 13 tracks of 112 sessions delivered by more than 250 educators in a warm, friendly, and cheerful atmosphere.

Welcome to HTIC 2024, Welcome to Fes, Welcome to Morocco

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