The top conferences you must attend in 2024

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Attending conferences annually is crucial for any simulationists and educators seeking to expand their network, discover new career opportunities, or stay updated with industry trends. Engaging with peers and experts, whether in person or virtually, offers immense value, no matter the goals. However, the challenge is to select the right ones for your time and financial investment. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the best in-person, virtual, and hybrid conferences to consider in 2024.

IMSH 2024

20-24 January

San Diego (USA)

Celebrating 24 years, IMSH 2024, this year in San Diego, is themed ‘IDEA: Innovate, Disseminate, Educate, Advocate’. As the foremost conference in healthcare simulation, IMSH 2024 is set to inspire with innovative presentations, skill-enhancing sessions, and industry-leading workshops in a dynamic IDEA-exchanging environment. It is the perfect blend of in-person engagement and virtual learning at this year’s premier healthcare simulation event.

SAVE 2024

9th February


SESAM Annual Virtual Event (SAVE) 2024 is a virtual event in collaboration with AFriSim Network, SHARE, and PediSTARS, aiming to broaden the scope of healthcare simulation. This 2024 initiative seeks to engage the global simulation community, especially from traditionally underrepresented regions like Africa, India, Sri Lanka, South America, and the Pacific Islands. This event is dedicated to creating inclusive spaces for collaboration, mutual mentoring, and bidirectional knowledge exchange. 

HTIC 2024

22-24 February

Fez (Morocco)

HTIC 24 is the 3rd edition of the Morocco SIM annual congress. This year’s conference brings together pedagogy, research, e-health, simulation and educational benevolence and promises to be a landmark event for simulationists and healthcare educators in the Region. Immerse yourself in learning, enjoy engaging experiences, and celebrate innovation in the vibrant city of Fes!

ASiT 2024

8-10 March

Bournemouth (USA)

ASiT 2024 Surgical Conference, organized by the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT), will be held in Bournemouth and aims to gather residents from 10 surgical specialties. It offers insights into the latest clinical practices, training advances and future trends in surgical training, including ala simulation. The conference celebrates global participation and recognizes excellence with prestigious surgical research and review awards.

SESSEP Congress

18-20 April

Oviedo (Spain)

The 11th SESSEP Congress in 2024 at Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias focuses on ‘Educating with Simulation in Healthcare.’ A first-time hospital venue reflects simulation’s expanding role from academia to healthcare settings. This key event will explore simulation’s integration in professional development and patient safety, promoting collaboration among educators and advancing SESSEP’s commitment to healthcare excellence.

ASE Annual Meeting

23-25 April

Orlando (USA)

ASE’s 2024 Congress, part of Surgical Education Week in Orlando, continues the tradition of excellence in surgical education. It’s a key forum for surgical educators and experts to exchange innovations and research. Alongside a dynamic program, the event will feature prestigious awards, highlighting and encouraging exceptional teaching and educational leadership in surgery and supporting academic promotion, highlighting the importance of education in the surgical academic arena.

INACSL Congress

12-15 June

Raleigh NC (USA)

The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning’s (INACSL) annual meeting, INACSL24, is headed to Raleigh, North Carolina, USA! This is the leading forum for simulationists, researchers, and solution providers creating the ideal environment to gain and disseminate current, state-of-the-art knowledge in the areas of skills, simulation operations, and applications in an evidenced-based venue. Register now to save.

 SESAM 2024

19-21 June

Prague (Czech Republic)

SESAM 2024 celebrates 30 years of excellence in healthcare simulation in Prague, focusing on the theme ‘Supporting Excellence in Healthcare’. This milestone event celebrates its significant contributions to patient risk reduction and training innovations. A pivotal gathering for simulationists, educators, engineers and curious clinicians to share insights and shape the future of healthcare simulation, enhancing patient safety and care quality.


6-9 August

Indianapolis (USA)

SG24USA in Indianapolis, hosted by IU Health, IU School of Medicine, and Nursing, is the must-attend event for simulation operation specialists. Focused on enhancing healthcare simulation, this hands-on conference, led by the SimGHOSTS community, offers workshops, demos, and community-led presentations. It’s an ideal platform for simulationists, technicians, game developers, academics and sim lab members who are responsible for supporting the simulation program to network, exchange best practices, and collaborate on developing industry standards, shaping the future of simulation technology in healthcare.

AMEE 2024

24-28 August

Basel (Switzerland)

AMEE 2024, themed ‘Develop your educational career: connect, grow, and inspire,’ is the ideal platform for healthcare educators to engage with knowledge that shapes practice and benefits learners, patients, and society. The annual meeting will be held this year in Basel, Switzerland, and will focus on promoting excellence, collaboration and research while advancing health professions education.

ASPiH 2024

3-5 November

Edinburgh (UK)

ASPiH’s 15th Anniversary Conference in Edinburgh highlights ‘Transformative Simulation’ in healthcare. After the success of the 2023 edition, the event aims at bringing together experts to explore advancements in simulated practice, reflecting on a decade and a half of innovation and its impact on patient care. It will be a key event for everyone interested in using simulation to transform health and care through collective understanding, insight and learning


7-8 November

Puerto Montt (Chile)

SOCHISIM presents its 2024 congress in Puerto Montt, focused on Artificial Intelligence in clinical simulation. This event is a unique opportunity to explore how AI is transforming healthcare training. With leading experts, innovative workshops and enriching debates, it is the perfect gathering for professionals looking to integrate advanced technologies into medical education and practice, improving the safety and efficiency of patient care.

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