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Fouad Marhar
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Dive into Fouad Marhar’s comprehensive roundup of the top podcasts in healthcare simulation. Whether you’re in nursing, medicine, or any related field, these podcasts offer a treasure trove of practical, easy-to-understand insights.

As a practitioner and instructor fully immersed in the healthcare simulation scene, I’ve got to tell you – finding top-notch, easy-to-understand info in this field can feel like a Herculean task. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this. It feels a bit like an ‘impossible mission’ sometimes. As simulationists, we juggle expertise in education, cognitive science, and our specific healthcare fields, be it medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, you name it. Sure, there’s a sea of online resources, and we’ve all marked our calendars for conferences like IMSH, SESAM, or various national events. But when it’s time to really drill down into a particular simulation topic, it can be tough to find solid info that’s both simple and actionable.

Enter the world of podcasts. This industry has been booming in various aspects of our lives, from self-care to finance, and guess what? It’s now making big waves in healthcare simulation. And that’s fantastic news! In my opinion, podcasts are the ideal medium to pick up practical insights for our community and integrate them into our daily routines.

So, let’s dive into my roundup of the best simulation podcasts out there. Just to be clear, I’ve got no biases here – I genuinely enjoy each of these podcasts and eagerly await every new episode. Each one contributes uniquely to the world of simulation. Let’s explore them together!

Let’s talk “SIM”

This podcast is the official audio medium of INACSL (International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning). It features conversations with pioneers in simulation, exploring fresh approaches, the present and future landscape of the field, educational tools, and motivational tales. Season one was hosted by Jennifer Alderman and season two (in progress) is hosted by Kyle Johnson.

Sim Nurse NZ

This podcast has recently been created by Erin Carn-Bennett, Marie Collinson and Alison Cartwright and aims to feature a host of “Conversations about all things Simulation”. Sim Nurse NZ is an inclusive podcast for all healthcare workers, especially nursing, featuring discussions, interviews and special guests. This podcast is live translated in several languages for inclusivity purposes. 

Simulation Nation

This energetic conversation between Amy Cowperthwait and Megan Sheldon is a pure AVKIN (Wearables Simulators for SPs) production. This podcast allows Amy, CEO of AVKIN and renowned former Professor of Nursing at the University of Delaware and Megan, Managing director at AVKIN and still SP Program director at University of Delaware, to share many years of experience on SP program implementation. You can gain so much value, tips and tricks listening to this show.


From my perspective, that is the perfect name for the perfect host duo. The goal of this show is to address all things simulation in a relaxed and entertaining format. It’s designed as a space to uncover fresh topics in simulation and forge new friendships. William Belk is an educator from the HEMS world. David Shablak, NRP, CHSOS-A has been a ”Sim Tech” for over 10 years in an EM residency and has a unique and varied background that you’ll discover along the episodes.

The SIM Café

Based on an idea by Deb Tauber of DePaul University and produced by the Innovative SimSolution team, this is a series of discussions on innovative simulation ideas and current trends in healthcare simulation with extraordinary guests. Tune in at The Sim Café.

The format used is the interview with experts and the objective is “to help people better understand the health simulation and where exactly it is now”, as Deb herself explains.

Center for Medical Simulation Podcast Channels

The podcasts are produced by the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) at Harvard and led by staff members. Over 100 episodes, freely accessible and divided into various audio shows, cover a broad and vibrant array of subjects, catering to simulation enthusiasts of diverse interests. The CMS team, along with leaders, friends, and alumni, discuss the pressing challenges in healthcare simulation, the issues they’re facing, and the solutions they’re embracing and pursuing.

Beyond Simulation

The last episode was launched in October 2022, but there are rumors about a new version of this delightful podcast hosted by the friendly Christine Park and the dynamic Bob Kaiser both hailing from Chicago and working as directors at Sail UIC SimCenter. Their podcast provides a unique perspective on simulation by featuring conversations with simulation leaders that touch on various topics unrelated to simulation itself. This approach creates a more personal and less academically focused atmosphere, setting it apart from other podcasts in the field. Can’t wait to listen to the next version…


It is an open access website with a series of podcasts from leading experts on a wide range of important topics to execute successful simulation activities. The podcasts are based on leading clinical simulation research articles and explore lessons learned typically with the authors of the article themselves for a direct and effective perspective.

This Journal Club collects monthly commentary from numerous world-renowned simulation experts. This is a “Hi-fidelity” podcast, as claimed by the team.

One Million Lives

This leading simulation company that every simulationist should know in a way or another, has decided to promote the ambitious goal of “helping save one million lives from now to 2030, one life at the time” with inspiring interviews with many leaders and pioneers across the globe.

CAE Radio Podcast

CAE Healthcare, a global provider of innovative training solutions, launched in April 2020 this series of audio podcasts, entitled “Simulation Debrief”, about the future of healthcare simulation, which is debated and discussed by prominent voices within the industry, pioneers, and experts. Its episodes are available in different formats and can be listened to through different platforms, including Spotify.

Simulation in Healthcare Education

It is now season 3 of this very valuable podcast that brings discussions from top experts in simulation. It has been launched by the Northwestern University Simulation team. Professor Jeffrey Barsuk has been hosting this podcast with accuracy and insightful questions to very skilled and renowned guests every month since April 2021. The first several episodes focus on the book, “Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Mastery Learning in Health Professions Education”, published by the Northwestern Simulation team in 2020. Leading the discussions, Dr. Jeffrey Barsuk emphasizes essential topics related to the principles and practices of simulation-based mastery learning in collaboration with chapter authors and book editors.

Le podcast des Enfants du Facteurs

While not strictly a simulation podcast, many of France’s simulation leaders are familiar with the Human Factor in Healthcare Foundation and collaborate with it. This podcast features insightful dialogues with Human Factors specialists aiming to support the healthcare community, including discussions with experts from the aviation and human factor industries. As the voice of the Facteurs Humains en Santé group, it offers 20-30 minute episodes where a healthcare professional or a high-risk industry expert shares their perspective, their journey into human and organizational factors, or introduces a tool for enhancing healthcare safety. Despite not being solely focused on simulation, this podcast makes it into our list because, as far as we know, it’s the only French-language podcast closely related to simulation available.

The Standardized Patients Podcast

Step into the world of Standardized Patients! (AKA a person paid to portray various illnesses to help teach and train healthcare providers and students.) Join professional actor and SP, Katie Culligan, and dive into the who, what, why, and how of this quirky industry that no one’s ever heard of. Follow this “enter-cational” comedy journey every other Monday. 

This is the only SP specific podcast in the field, so it deserves to be mentioned. 

The Simulation Operative

Simulation Operative is aimed to discuss best practice and quality measures in the business of healthcare simulation operations, with topics ranging from educational learning theories, business development and simulation technologies. Each episode is 15 minutes or less. First episode launched in IMSH 2024, San Diego. We hope a long life for this podcast.

With the rapid growth of the French-speaking simulation community in recent years across France, Switzerland, Belgium, and parts of Africa, particularly the North, I believe it’s high time for a shift in the landscape. Therefore, it’s with great excitement that I announce SIMZINE’s collaboration with an array of Francophone experts to bring this valuable resource to the French community.

The first French-language podcast dedicated to simulation, SimMoove, is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music. I’m eager to see many of you tune in to hear from experts as they share their experiences, insights, challenges, and triumphs in simulation. They’ll be equipping you with the best tools to advance in this field and strengthen our community for the safety of our patients.

Fouad Marhar

Fouad Marhar

MD (Anesthesia-Critical care-Pain Medicine) International simulation Expert, Consultant Coach in Healthcare E-Health enthusiast View all Posts

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