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Fouad Marhar
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Explore healthcare simulation via podcasts: introducing SimMoove, the new podcast in French produced by SIMZINE

Since their inception in 2004, when The Guardian first coined the term “podcast,” the popularity of podcasts has dramatically increased. Podcasts are digital audio files that are released in a regular episodic format and are distributed over the internet. This industry has been booming in various aspects of our lives, from self-care to finance, and guess what? It’s now making big waves in healthcare simulation. And that’s fantastic news! In my opinion, podcasts are the ideal medium to pick up practical insights for our community and integrate them into our daily routines. Audio podcasts, in fact, offer a significant benefit in that they don’t demand visual focus. I’ve heard from numerous listeners who say they enjoy listening to podcast episodes during repetitive work, such as commuting, driving, or even entering data manually. 

In an article published in Trends in Cognitive Science about how podcasts can benefit scientific communities (2021), the authors indicate how podcasts represent a way to democratize access to scholarly information. Podcasts are in fact predominantly open access, as opposed to most traditional academic communications that are typically restricted by journal paywalls or shared at conferences that require registration fees and travel resources.

So, I’ve recently dived into my roundup of the best simulation podcasts. Just to be clear, I’ve got no biases here – I genuinely enjoy each of these podcasts and eagerly await every new episode. Each one contributes uniquely to the world of simulation. 

And once again, English is now the dominant language in the field of simulation podcasts. I don’t want to argue pros & cons of “scientific monolingualism”, but with the rapid growth of the French-speaking simulation community in recent years across France, Switzerland, Belgium, and parts of Africa, particularly the North, I believe it’s high time for a shift in the landscape. Therefore, it’s with great excitement that I announce SIMZINE’s collaboration with an array of Francophone experts to bring this valuable resource to the French community.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming French-language podcast dedicated to simulation, SimMoove, set to launch on Spotify in January 2024. I’m eager to see many of you tune in to hear from experts as they share their experiences, insights, challenges, and triumphs in simulation. They’ll be equipping you with the best tools to advance in this field and strengthen our community for the safety of our patients.


Fouad Marhar

Fouad Marhar

MD (Anesthesia-Critical care-Pain Medicine) International simulation Expert, Consultant Coach in Healthcare E-Health enthusiast View all Posts

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