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Several times I have been asked why we launched the publication of a trade magazine. Why then in a niche sector such as healthcare training? And, moreover, why we did it in one of its sub-categories, simulation. We too have wondered, we confess. Actually, I believe it comes from a need and a dream.
The need is what we feel as health professionals to talk and make people talk as much as possible about patient safety (also) through simulation. And here comes the dream. As an informational magazine, we want to play a key role in disseminating good practices and innovative ideas to the widest possible audience. We want to raise awareness of the solutions and applications made available not only by the industry but also those created by enthusiasts and geeks. The fervent scientific production and the growing pervasiveness of technology also in the world of simulation training make education an absolute protagonist in the cultural production and economic development of the sector. Our aim is to put the conversation at the center, that is, to create an area of ​​dialogue, and to build a more aware community precisely through communication.

I was also asked why a printed and not just a digital magazine. Why not communicate only through the web and social channels? In a world where everything is now digital and ephemeral, we like to think that SIMZINE can also be something permanent, printed on paper and stored. We believe that paper offers the tactile sensation of an engaging emotional experience, which people can experience at the exact moment they are ready for reading, that is, when they are ready to give their full attention. Paper is, in fact, tangible, it remains over time, creates a dynamic dialogue between text and image, plays with its shape, forces slowness and reflection, but it is also capable of generating relationships. That’s why, in its printed version, SIMZINE was in Spain at SESAM22, then in Brazil at SUN22 and now in England at ASPiH22. And we don’t want to stop. From this issue we will be regularly in print, as well as in Italy and Switzerland, also in Spain in various simulation centers.

Finally, they asked me why a multilingual magazine. Here the answer is simple! To reach as many readers as possible we have decided to publish not only in Italian, but also in English and Spanish at the moment. In this broader perspective, however, we have decided in this issue to create a “Italy special“, that is, pages dedicated to content perhaps of greater interest to Italian simziners.

Having in mind that all publications are transformed once they are shared, they no longer belong to those who wrote them, but to those who read them, this number is now yours too.

Read it and enjoy it, as we enjoyed writing it.


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