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Pier Luigi Ingrassia
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This issue is a new start for SIMZINE: a new « issue 0». We want to explore a different way of telling our stories, with a different, direct and multi-lingual approach and outlook. From now on, all articles will be published in three languages [Italian, English and Spanish], and the translation of each will be available on SIMZINE Digital [www]. Sharing experiences and opportunities, getting to know people, simulation centers and companies that are part of this environment, understanding in more detail the different simulation devices and the professionals who are making them: these are just some of the objectives of our new way.

New way means adopting a different approach to discussing advantages and limitations of simulation: innovation, internationalism, active listening, and knowledge sharing are its DNA.

New way is giving voice to curious researchers, to those who ask themselves questions: our goal is not finding a solution. Kant was not looking for a solution. He wanted to reason, to offer ideas. SIMZINE wants to give space to those who want to do the same.

New way is the ambition to be a magazine made by people and for people who, passionately and professionally, contribute to patient safety through simulation. The contribution of each of us, through suggestions, ideas, articles, has always been essential to keep SIMZINE alive and make it grow, and the same will be in the future.

New way telling stories about simulation and people, making known the individuals and the companies who build the simulators we use, discussing theory and method, but also talking about business and products to better understand the context where we work.

New way because it is an experiment, started in Italy, born from the genuine desire to create a community of open-minded professionals, determined to broaden their vision around the conscious use of simulation as a tool to improve patient care. The backbone of SIMZINE, born during a dinner with Giacomo, sipping wine in a restaurant after two months of lockdown, and perhaps as a reaction to social distancing, is encouraging relationships, reflection, and being around other people, creating a safe place for conversation.

Finally, new way because it is a zineand, consistent with the tradition of this particular type of magazine, it is independent and, sometimes, even irreverent. We have no scientific purpose: our goal is offering a space for discussion to a group of passionate professionals or maybe construct the memory of a social movement.

And as we said in the “true” issue 0 launched in June last year: read us,

write to us and enjoy!



Pier Luigi Ingrassia

Pier Luigi Ingrassia

Centro di Simulazione (CeSi), Centro Professionale Sociosanitario Lugano View all Posts

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