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TacMed Simulation™ creates high-fidelity medical training systems for medics, clinicians, and first responders, utilizing expertise from Lucasfilm’s special effects division. Their products include the Modular Anatomical Tactical Trauma Instructor (MATTi™), a female simulator with interchangeable limbs and a 2-liter blood reservoir, canine simulators, and various task trainers. Keep on reading to find out more



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TacMed Simulation™ (A Division of TacMed Solutions™) leads the way in high-fidelity medical simulation with innovative and rugged training systems designed to meet the needs of medics, first responders, clinicians, veterinarians, and other medical professionals. With a focus on developing life-like scenarios and experiences, TacMed Simulation™ leverages the expertise of artists and technicians who have honed their skills over 25 years working in Lucasfilm’s motion picture special effects division. This unique background allows them to create lifelike simulators that are not only anatomically accurate but also highly durable and reliable, ensuring optimal training experiences in any environment or weather condition.

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At the core of TacMed Simulation’s™ portfolio is a range of whole-body simulators (WBS), including their newest product, the Modular Anatomical Tactical Trauma Instructor (MATTi™). MATTi™ is a female simulator designed specifically for casualty and critical care training on female patients. Available in light, medium, and dark skin tones, MATTi™ features a 2-liter blood reservoir and interchangeable limbs to accommodate various injury simulations. Its rugged design and water-resistant construction make it suitable for use in any weather condition or environment, providing realistic and immersive training for medical professionals.

In addition to MATTi™, TacMed Simulation™ offers other advanced whole-body simulators that deliver autonomous responses to medical interventions, allowing trainees to experience real-time feedback on their performance. These untethered, battery-operated manikins provide an unparalleled training experience with durable urethane cores and lifelike silicone skin, enabling medics and first responders to practice in tough outdoor scenarios and austere conditions. The simulators are equipped with real-time telemetry to monitor medical interventions and patient status, which are displayed instantly on the long-range remote control for trainers to evaluate student performance as it happens.

TacMed Simulation™ also offers a line of high-fidelity canine (K-9) simulators, including the acclaimed K-9 Diesel. This state-of-the-art skills trainer has become the gold standard for veterinary schools and faculties, as well as for Operational Canine First Responders, Military Working Dog (MWD) handlers, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians. K-9 Diesel boasts active breathing, audio cues, and over 28 distinctive features and medical intervention sites, providing an immersive training experience that prepares trainees for real-life scenarios with operational canines.

In addition to whole-body simulators, TacMed Simulation™ presents a range of task trainers that are perfect for classroom-style training. These Training Simulators, such as Airway Breathing, Hemorrhage Control and wound packing, plus many others, focus on teaching fundamental medical skills for critical interventions related to traumatic injuries. With anatomical fidelity and lifelike skin, the task trainers offer a powerful haptic experience that helps develop familiarity and muscle memory for various procedures.

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The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and realism has made TacMed Simulation™ a trusted partner for medical training across diverse fields. By constantly pushing the boundaries of medical simulation, TacMed Simulation™ ensures that trainees receive the most comprehensive and immersive experience possible, ultimately leading to better preparedness and improved outcomes in critical situations.

To explore TacMed Simulation™’s complete line of simulators, including the new MATTi™, K-9 Diesel, and other whole-body and task trainers, visit their website

There, you can also access the full catalog and request more information about setting up virtual meetings or on-site demonstrations to gain firsthand experience with these cutting-edge training systems. Trust TacMed Simulation™ to deliver the highest standard of medical simulation and enhance your training programs for the future.


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