Introducing MATTi™: A NEW Female Medical Simulator

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MATTi™ by TacMed Solutions is an advanced medical simulation trainer designed for casualty and critical care scenarios involving female patients. Visit TacMed Solutions at IMSH Booth 725 for a hands-on demonstration of MATTi™ and its innovative features, revolutionizing female patient care simulation.


Explore the cutting-edge MATTi™, TacMed Solutions’ latest innovation in advanced medical simulation. This state-of-the-art modular treatment trainer is specifically designed for training in casualty and critical care scenarios involving female patients.  

MATTi™ boasts a 2-liter blood reservoir and is available in light, medium, and dark skin tones, providing a realistic and diverse training experience. The simulator features interchangeable limbs to facilitate various injury simulations, allowing for comprehensive medical training. Powered by commercially available rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries, MATTi™ ensures a reliable and efficient training session.

Built to withstand the rigors of training, MATTi™ is rugged, durable, and carefully crafted with attention to materials and manufacturing processes, ensuring a long-lasting product. Like all TacMed Simulation products, MATTi™ is water-resistant, making it suitable for use in diverse weather conditions and environments. Its portability allows for easy transportation in any vehicle, ensuring an authentic training experience wherever it’s needed.

MATTi™ comes equipped with a long-range remote controller that operates the simulator. The controller includes real-time telemetry to monitor medical interventions, providing instructors with valuable data. The easy-to-use software takes only a minute to learn, and sensor data is instantly displayed on the main control screen for quick reference.

Key vital signs and the effectiveness of student interventions, such as tourniquet application, wound hemostasis, airway intervention, needle decompression, and chest tube placement, can be monitored. Some of the notable features that can be observed include modular limb bleeding (amputation or gunshot), blood loss volume, respiration rate, airway status, intubation sensors, consciousness levels, respiratory status, inguinal crease wound, NPA insertion, chest tube placement, animatronic leg movement, simulated pneumothorax with needle decompression, teeth contact, heart rate, blood pressure, and the overall patient status (alive/expired).

Incorporate MATTi™ into your medical training curriculum for an unparalleled and comprehensive simulation experience in female patient care. Learn more about MATTi™ and its innovative features at TacMed Solutions.  Stop by Booth 725 at IMSH for a hands-on demo. 


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