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Technological innovation, sustainability and ease of use characterize the products of Laerdal, a global company that has always been at the forefront of the production of simulators.

Content written in collaboration with Laerdal Italia

Simulation in healthcare arouses great and growing interest, because it refers to a technique that allows the essential elements of learning to coexist: direct experience, reflective observation and active participation in change. In this sense, simulation provides a wealth of experiences to draw from, at zero risk for the patient, which helps to strengthen the dynamics of healthcare groups and organizations, with a positive impact on care processes. Laerdal, which has always been close to the needs of institutions and the scientific community, has developed educational solutions in which benefits are measured in clinical impact and lives saved.

In this sense, it also becomes our goal to ensure the sustainability and ease of use of the proposed solutions, to facilitate the widespread adoption of simulation in healthcare.

The result of this ongoing commitment is the broad portfolio of services and products that bear the Laerdal brand. An example of simplicity and versatility with low economic impact is Monitor By Laerdal, a portable solution that can be combined with simple manikins or standardized patients, whose design is made to increase skills in managing devices such as defibrillator, ventilator and patient monitor in order to make diagnoses, set therapies and monitor their outcome.

Monitor by Laerdal

Monitor By Laerdal offers a full range of adjustable features that allow the instructor to customize the simulation training, ensuring that each student achieves the learning objectives.

In this sense, it also becomes our goal to ensure the sustainability and ease of use of the proposed solutions, to facilitate the widespread adoption of simulation in healthcare. Another example is represented by the family of high-fidelity simulators SimMan which, thanks to the modularity and interchangeability available on all models, constitutes one of the most versatile and effective simulation platforms. Starting from SimMan ALS, a robust solution with a wide range of scenarios and patient cases validated by the main scientific societies to prepare students for real world situations, up to SimMan3G Trauma and SimMan3G Vascular the transversal characteristic of these simulators is the low complexity and high scalability.

Sim Man

SimMan3G Trauma and SimMan3G Vascular were born in collaboration with some of our partners respectively to respond to Trauma protocols in the military and civil fields, and to train healthcare personnel in the management of patients with endovascular trauma and internal bleeding, patients with myocardial infarction or with ischemic stroke.

The last born is SimMan3G Plus; it is designed to be used in high-fidelity simulations with particular attention to the realistic and immersive training experience. In fact, alongside the usual reliability of physiological responses and the high standard of functional characteristics, it allows training by using real clinical devices and to have aesthetic features that simulate different ages and ethnicities. This places SimMan3G Plus as an ideal solution for increasing attention on the equity of care, representing an important milestone not only in technology, but above all in social progress, thanks to the introduction of the inclusivity and diversity of patients in simulation, a topic much discussed within the WHO commission.

To offer an even wider range of training proposals, Laerdal has recruited the best technologies on the market, thanks to international collaborations with the main simulation players, and has integrated them into its SimMan simulators, in order to manage multiple functions through a single software, which, in addition to ensuring flexibility, control and responsiveness of the simulator, also allows you to integrate audio-video recordings already synchronized with the simulator’s event file without using external systems.

Laerdal SonoSim, one of Laerdal’s best technologies, facilitates ultrasound simulation within the various trainings, offering greater flexibility and control of the ultrasound images used.

Laerdal SonoSim

This product uses real patient data, taking into account different body morphologies and providing students with the opportunity to develop critical judgment and skills, which are the foundation for future ultrasound-guided interventions. All this always happens in a safe and highly realistic simulation environment.

SonoSim is designed to enable users to transform the simulator into an affordable, ultrasound-ready training solution that offers an enhanced user experience by integrating real ultrasound images and pathological findings; it also provides the ability to control both heart rate and respiration of ultrasound images, creating greater flexibility in creating dynamic scenarios.

The wide range of Laerdal products that make use of the best technologies includes the ASL 5000 Lung Solution, a breathing simulator intended for training on high fidelity ventilation management.

ASL 5000 Lung Solution

Thanks to the ASL 5000, different respiratory conditions can be simulated, and thanks to its versatility, the simulation can take place on any ventilator and in any ventilation mode.

“The ASL pulmonary solution is a win-win and changes the entire educational model. It opens up a whole new avenue for all hospital staff to take advantage of this training opportunity,” says Bill Garrison, BS ACCS-RRT RCP Respiratory Educator Simulation Lab, St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

At Laerdal Medical, we believe that simulation training for healthcare professionals across all specialties and industries is essential to improve the quality of care provided to patients, and to make diagnoses across different clinical scenarios. Precisely for this reason our mission is to provide all the tools, knowledge and the possibility to learn anytime, anywhere and with anyone, ensuring that those who one day enter the field will be ready to step forward.


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