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Andrea Pierantoni
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The Metaverse makes possible new ways of training, also through the practice of serious gaming. Dr Sim VR allows you to create your own simulation scenarios in virtual reality independently and without additional costs.

The concept of metaverse, fruit of the science fiction literature of the early 90s, has entered into our daily life now and will be more and more present in the future. Technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) allow, just by wearing ad hoc headsets, to immerse yourself in an alternative universe and to interact with it in such a realistic way that, in the case of VR, it gives users the impression of being there with their own body.

The intrinsic potential of these new technologies is particularly valuable in the training field, as they allow the existing simulation paradigms to become even more effective and realistic, and enable the practice of serious gaming.
In particular, the use of virtual reality in simulationallows learners to prove themselves in situations that are difficult or impossible to reproduce in reality, which require them to make critical decisions under stress and in a short time, but also in a protected environment, where a wrong choice is not likely to cause the terrible consequences that it might instead determine in the real world.

It is precisely with this objective, as well as with the desire to satisfy an audience that is increasingly demanding and attentive to innovation, that Accurate an Italian leading company in the field of healthcare simulation – has undertaken the development of a growing list of simple, intuitive and, above all, customizable products, which put these new technologies at the service of medical training.

The solution DrSim VR therefore represents, in this context, an emblematic example. Thanks to DrSim VR, learners can deal with clinical cases that place them in a realistic 3D virtual environment, within which it is possible to move and interact with the patient, administer therapies and/or perform maneuvers and tests, and ultimately observe the resulting pathophysiological response from their diagnostic therapeutic choices. At the end of the simulation, a scoring algorithm will provide a report of the learner’s work, which may be an opportunity for further training, when used as an object of debriefing together with the instructor. The latter, on his part,
will still have the opportunity to monitor the learner’s work during the exercise through the mirroring technique.

Accurate also provides instructors with an extensive list of clinical cases compiled by scientific referents of undisputed professionalism, which is downloadable from the DrSim Academy. In addition, one of the major strengths of this product suite is the DrSim Editor

software, which gives instructors the chance to build and customize down to the smallest detail – to the point of even being able to enter the name of their reference institution – the clinical cases to be submitted to the students. One of the main features of the Metaverse is to allow the collaboration in a virtual environment between physically distant people in the real world, therefore the next product that will enrich this suite will be DrSim VR Medverse.Its goal is precisely to allow amulti-user experience, which gives learners the possibility to assume their own well-defined role within a team and to solve several clinical cases in a collaborative mode, with all participants sharing the same scenario at the same time.


Andrea Pierantoni

Andrea Pierantoni

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