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Antonio Scalogna
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Our Simulation Technician Antonio Scalogna tested the new BT-Man manikin, distributed exclusively in Italy by Sofrapa. Here is the review of the new entry in the ALS manikin market

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) manikins are simulators designed to provide realistic and safe practice in the field of emergency medicine. They are designed for use during ACLS training courses for medical personnel such as doctors, nurses and paramedics.

These manikins are equipped with advanced features that allow them to simulate cardiac emergency situations, such as cardiac arrest, and provide real-time feedback during resuscitation procedures. ACLS dummies can measure the depth of chest compressions, heart rate and other crucial variables to ensure proper execution of life-saving manoeuvres.

The use of these manikins helps healthcare professionals develop the skills needed to respond quickly and effectively to cardiovascular emergency situations, thus helping to improve the chances of patient survival in these critical circumstances.

BT-Man by BT. Inc

Among the products of the manufacturer BT. Inc’s products is the BT-Man manikin, an ACLS manikin that tries to act as a compromise between ALS manikins and high-fidelity manikins.

In Italy, the BT-Man is exclusively distributed by SoFraPa – Emergency Training Specialist, a leading company in the resale and fitting of first aid and medium fidelity simulation products. I would like to thank SoFraPa for allowing me to test the full version of the BT-Man manikin.

Materials and anatomical parts

The manikin is presented with fairly inexpensive materials, with the exception of some silicone inserts at points of interest, such as the peripheral wrists (bilateral carotid and femoral, dorsal foot, radial wrist and brachial wrist, only in the left arm), vein injection points and intraosseous access.

Joints are essential, so not all types of movement are covered.

As for the airway component, this is identical to the advanced simulator with feedback also from BT-Inc, including sensors, which allows you to visualise via a dedicated APP

the more or less correct positioning of airway management devices such

as endotracheal tubes or supraglottic devices during training sessions.

Inside the manikin there is no recirculation of liquids, the two pads of interest (IV and IO) are connected to two jars, appropriately labelled and with different caps, which allow both infusion and withdrawal.

[ BT-Man ]

Feedback and functionality

The BT-Man is complete within all the features that an ACLS manikin must have, also with reference to professional certifications, and integrates them with certain functionalities

typical of high-fidelity manikins, i.e:

  • peripheral monitoring, both via virtual patient monitor and via real patient
  • monitor pressure measurement with special cuff (included)
  • auscultation of heart and lung sounds
  • saturazione ed EtCO2 visibile solamente sul virtual patient monitor
  • feedback (e.g. endotracheal tubes and i-Gel)
  • full massage feedback (depth, speed, compression release and release time) with also detection of positioning, respiratory rate and compression-insufflation
  • ratio light-reactive pupil
  • chest lift (bilateral and unilateral)
BT-Man – Functionality


BT-Man is equipped with two software packages, the first controlling the manikin and the second virtual patient monitor.

The positive feature is the connection between them and the manikin; the latter connects to the control software via Bluetooth while the two software (control and virtual patient monitor) connect via a router, included in the package.

Given the type of connection, I find this manikin perfect for in-situ or out-of-hospital use, given the possibility of having inserts and wound pads, but not in a control room in an advanced simulation room, where the connection is always better to be through the network, given the distances involved.

This is a very interesting feature because it makes the manikin absolutely versatile and usable in many complex environments (inside a ward, outside for trauma scenarios, etc.).

The functionalities of the software were mainly listed in the previous section, in addition there are

  • pre-recorded
  • entries setting up different cardiac pathologies
  • left and right pneumothorax management
  • neurological management (software only)
  • therapy and patient record management
  • scenario creation

BT-Man – Software


I should point out that I tried the full BT-Man version, with all the accessories and all the features. If taken individually, the BT-Man has a lot of merits and functionalities for the price at which it is sold, it has absolutely valid and intuitive software, it is very simple internally and externally (be careful not to use it with the automatic massager because the manikin has a rigid chest and is full of sensors). It is not easy to place this manikin within the current market because its characteristics place it somewhere between an ACLS mannequin and a high-fidelity one, and, let’s face it, there are other companies that, at a lower price, offer ACLS manikins that are well known and used within Centres and Hospitals to obtain certifications, but it must be recognised that a new entry in the sector was more than necessary. In conclusion, I can say that BT Inc. offers a simple manikin but with features that cannot be taken for granted in this price range.

  • Feedback of major manoeuvres present
  • Easily detectable wrists
  • Advanced, high-fidelity manikin software
  • Chest movement present
  • Inside,components and functions are easily detectable
  • Simple diagnostics
  • Excellent battery life
  • Connection between control PC and manikin via Bluetooth
  • External liquid tanks only
  • Non-valuable materials
  • Rigid chest
  • High sourcing time for specific components for manikin repair (outside SoFraPa’s exceptional assistance)
  • Articulations not complete
  • No possibility to speak through the manikin
  • Cardiac pathology
  • Catalogue rather minimal
  • Sound catalogue not extensive Wrists are easily detectable but also audible outside (through a click)
  • Not suitable for use in an advanced simulation room due to the manikin-control software connection type


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