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Advances in Simulation

The journal publishes articles relevant to simulation. All articles are made freely and permanently accessible online right after publication. Articles are published after a discrete and rapid peer review process. It is the official journal of the Society for Simulation in Europe (SESAM).

Simulation in Healthcare

The journal is a multidisciplinary publication covering all areas of application in healthcare simulation. In fact, the journal intercepts a wide range of clinical and biomedical specialties and publishes original basic, clinical, and translational research on a variety of topics. Normally, access is subject to a subscription policy, but the publisher also offers an open access option. It is the official journal of the American Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).

British Medical Journal of Simulation
& Technology Enhanced Learning

The journal has as its focus the use of simulation and innovative technology as an educational method of intervention for professionals in the areas of health and social care education, health professional development, and quality of care. It is affiliated with the Association For Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH).


Clinical Simulation in Nursing

Clinical Simulation in Nursing is an international peer reviewed journal published monthly online. It publishes articles and contributions on innovative strategies for teaching and/or learning by simulation, updates of guidelines and legislative policies affecting simulation, clinical and academic uses of simulation, and more.
It is the official journal of the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation & Learning (INACSL) and reflects its mission to advance the science of simulation in health care.

Journal of Surgical Simulation

The journal is dedicated to publishing new research, scholarly articles, and reviews of existing literature in the fields of surgical simulation, surgical education, patient safety, and surgical technologies.
It publishes original articles, reviews, editorials and illustrative material written by experts in the use and teaching of surgical simulation techniques. It is the official journal of the Society of Surgical Simulation.

International Journal of Healthcare Simulation

The International Journal of Healthcare Simulation – Advances in Theory & Practice (IJoHS) is a single-blind peer-reviewed open access journal, and it provides a forum to share scholarly practice for advances in simulation across diverse applications in health and social care. IJoHS targets a wide range of practitioners – health and social care professionals and educators, psychologists, sociologists, engineers, information technologists, economists, program evaluators, policy makers, and researchers. is the official journal of the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare, Society for Healthcare Simulation, India and Pan Asia Simulation Society in Healthcare.

Revista Latinoamericana de Simulación Clínica

The Latin American Journal of Clinical Simulation is published by the Latin American Federation of Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety (FLASIC). The journal publishes original articles, simulation cases, review topics, innovative ideas, letters to the editor, and editorials by invitation. For acceptance, all articles are
initially reviewed by at least two reviewers and finally ratified by the Editorial Board.

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