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Eserciziario di Anatomia Umana

Francesca Boccafoschi, Maurizio Previati

Piccin, 2019
ISBN: 9788829930425

The text intends mainly to offer students of health careers the possibility of verifying their level of preparation, through the offer of a wide variety of questionnaires, capable of covering all aspects of Human Anatomy to provide an objective evaluation of your own level of learning.
The examination tables use an innovative iconography, derived from an anatomical simulator of virtual corpses in which the three-dimensionality and complexity of the anatomical elements are respected with great precision. The use of these images for review that can be associated with moments of interactive learning with the cadaver simulator represents an added value to the publication.

Neonatal Simulation: A Practical Guide

Lamia M. Soghier e Beverley Robin

Casa Editrice AmbAmerican Academy of Pediatrics, 2021
ISBN: 9781610022606

With input from leading experts in neonatal simulation, this text offers healthcare professionals and facilitators essential guidance on the design, development, and implementation of simulation-based neonatal training programs.
The book guides the reader through set design,

mockups, simulation techniques, virtual simulations, but also analysis methods and more.
More than 200 color images guide the reader step by step on how to adapt
the manikins to simulate neonatal procedures and how to replicate body fluids and conditions commonly found in newborns. Useful for both beginners and experts.

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