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Why Hospitals Should Fly: The Ultimate Flight Plan to Patient Safety and Quality Care

John. J. Nance

Second River Healthcare Press, 2008
ISBN: 9780974386058

Is it possible to absorb in the healthcare system the measures that have taken aviation to unprecedented levels of safety? In other words, why should hospitals fly? John Nance explains it in this 2008 book that many today consider almost required reading for anyone interested in clinical risk and patient safety.

This is an imaginary tour of one of the safest and most popular hospitals in the United States, St. Michael’s Hospital in Denver to be exact. Dr. Will Jerkins takes us on a week-long tour to understand why this place has its prestigious reputation, and to see if it is possible to pick up some of the practices learned along the way. As the title suggests, the hospital is heavily influenced by security measures introduced by airlines over the last fifty years.

The author introduces the philosophy of quality, according to which “we will always make a mistake. Therefore, it is better to check everything all the time” and other principles based on the psychology of human error. The book also provides video examples of how medical staff behave in the operating room and how people are often unaware of how they are treating others within that environment.

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