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While the Italians analyze the tools designed to evaluate non-technical skills, the Americans suggest how to adapt the debriefing to SimZones. Enjoy the tasting

Welcome back to our Pub,

today we will start by tasting a winter beer enriched with herbs and spices, on average more alcoholic and structured than the beers we usually offer. The brewery is located on one of the most beautiful panoramic points of Rome, that of the Gianicolo, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Eternal City.

The Roman master brewers have systematically reviewed the tools currently designed to evaluate the non-technical skills (NTS) of health professionals during the execution of high fidelity simulations (HFS), describing the areas, the elements, characteristics and psychometric properties. In the brewery, knowing well the organoleptic profile of the beer they were producing, they chose different methodological criteria to obtain the best result: after examining 3,953 types of yeasts and 19 NTS assessment tools for HFS, the Team Emergency Assessment Measure ( TEAM) is recommended for use in evaluating NTS. All other tools require further research to assess quality and then be suggested during HFS training.

(Gawronski O, Thekkan KR, Genna C, Egman S, Sansone V, Erba I, Vittori A, Varano C, Dall’Oglio I, Tiozzo E, Chiusolo F. Instruments to evaluate non-technical skills during high fidelity simulation: A systematic review. Front Med (Lausanne). 2022 Nov 3;9:986296. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2022.986296. PMID: 36405618; PMCID: PMC9669714.)

Today’s second beer is an APA (American Pale Ale) from Boston, amber, low in alcohol and with American hops that give it a fruity note. American masters have understood that simulation-based learning occurs in different contexts and that one teaching style cannot adequately cover the needs of each learning level. To better align the students’ needs with the teaching strategies, they have decided to integrate the curricular approach SimZones (a structure used to clarify the multiple contexts of the simulation) with the essential elements of the Debriefing With Good Judgment method (teaching with good judgment, coaching with good judgment and debriefing with good judgment) to provide a roadmap for simulation facilitators. This roadmap is designed to guide fellow brewers on what type of learning can be expected based on context, what behaviors and actions can be expected from learners in each learning context, which instructional strategies are most effective at each stage of the SimZones and what are the implications of the teacher-student relationship.

[Fey, M.K., Roussin, C.J., Rudolph, J.W. et al. Teaching, coaching, or debriefing With Good Judgment: a roadmap for implementing “With Good Judgment” across the SimZones. Adv Simul 7, 39 (2022).]

I hope you enjoyed this tasting. I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting to try new beers.

See you soon,
your Brewmaster


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