Scientific Committee SIMMED22

Luca Carenzo
Resuscitator anesthesiologist at the Humanitas Research Hospital in Milan. He did humanitarian work with Doctors Without Borders, in a trauma center in Yemen. Simulation instructor, collaborated with the SIMNOVA center of the Univ. of Piamonte Oriental. Co-created SIMCUP ©
Giulia Mormando
Specialist in Emergency Medicine and secretary of SIMMED, she is an enthusiast of simulation in all its forms. At the Univ. of Padua he has just finished a doctorate and now coordinates the teaching and research activities of the simulation faculty of the Department of Medicine-DIMED
Marco De Luca
Director of the “Meyer Simulation Center” at the Meyer University Hospital in Florence. Founding Partner and current Member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Society for Simulation in Medicine (SIMMED). He is President of the Pediatric Intensive Care and Emergency Nursing Medical Academy.
Antonio Scalogna
Graduated in computer science, with experience in software programming, always passionate about technology. He has been involved in video editing, hardware and software support, writing articles for instaNews and personal sites. Since 2021 he is a simulation specialist at the SIMNOVA Center of the Univ. of Eastern Piedmont
Vincenzo Fodale
Anesthesiologist, Prof. Vincenzo Fodale is director of the Center for Simulation and Innovative Didactics (SIDI) at the University of Messina. Professor of simulation in medical and health degree courses, he is the author of the manual “Skill-Book: basic professional skills”
Stefano Sironi
Graduated in Nursing Sciences from the Univ. Bicocca of Milan. He worked at the 118 Operations Center in Monza, then at the San Gerardo Hospital as Department Coordinator. Since 2010 in charge of Training of the Regional Agency for Emergencies and Urgencies (AREU), now Director of the Structure of the Training Complex and the Simulation Center IR & TeC-AREU. In 2021 he acquires the master’s degree in “Directors of Health Companies”

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