SESSEP and its plans for 2023

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SESSEP promotes healthcare education through clinical simulation to improve patient safety and care

The Sociedad Española de Simulación Clínica y Seguridad del Paciente held a total of 9 Congresses that welcomed experts and professionals related to clinical simulation from all over the country, including internationally. Among these, its Scientific and Student Days stand out.

Currently, the Society has approximately 230 members and working groups, including: Nursing, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Perfusion, Patient Safety, Technical and Multidisciplinary Group. All pursue the same goals: to collect and channel the concerns, requests and aspirations of members, the scientific community, health services and professionals in the field of clinical education and simulation-based assessment. SESSEP’s work enriches the professional profile and contributes to improving quality and training of simulation professionals, and patient safety.

SESSEP offers a number of accredited courses related to clinical simulation, both on simulation methodology to develop skills as an instructor/facilitator in any field, from scenario design to debriefing techniques, and on concrete specialties using clinical simulation as a development method of technical and non-technical skills in areas such as life support and cardiology. See all accredited programs. Furthermore, it has recently initiated course audits in order to ensure the methodological quality of simulation in courses accredited by SESSEP. At the moment, the first audit has already been piloted with satisfactory results, so it is already expected that new audits will formally start in 2023.

The last edition of the SESSEP Congress was held in 2021 at the IAVANTE center, Granada. A total of 60 communications and 34 manifestos were presented that year. The prize for the best communication presented was: “Randomized clinical trial with clinical simulation in drug management: immediate efficacy, permanence after one year” presented by Dr. Cristina Alfonso. Given the prize awarded, in the next edition of the Congress, Dr. Alfonso will give a presentation explaining the results and conclusions of the study.

Taking a break in 2022 after SESSEP’s latest presidency change, its 10th Congress will be held in 2023, in the Catholic University of Valencia. Will you miss the 10th edition of the Congress? Sign up as soon as possible. We will all be there! SIMZINE included 😉 Also, would you like to take the opportunity to present your communication, workshop and/or poster to publicize your challenges and last year’s results? We look forward to meeting you!


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