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Willem van Meurs
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Explore the new Technology and Innovation Community of Practice (CoP) at the SESAM 2024 conference in Prague. This is a gathering of enthusiastic innovators and technicians in healthcare simulation. Don’t miss the first plenary meeting to engage with these experts and expand your network in medical simulation. Allow us to introduce you to the four members of the committee

Without innovators and technicians, simulation in healthcare could not have achieved the impact it has now. The use of new technologies within the healthcare simulation community is growing, thereby improving medical training. Yet the community does not always have a clear voice and visibility within the society. Therefore, Dr. Serena Ricci recently took the initiative to breathe new life into the SESAM  Technology and Innovation Community of Practice (CoP). “When I started working as a biomedical engineer in healthcare simulation  I felt a little bit lonely. Conferences were mainly attended by healthcare professionals and I could not find content relevant to my job or professionals to connect with,” says Serena. “Later on, I realized that innovators and technicians are often doing their essential work in the background.”

Hundreds or maybe even  thousands of projects are going on in simulation centers, companies, and universities around the world, yet we never find out about them. This may have more to do with lack of networking and exchange opportunities, than with the quality of the projects. Therefore, the purpose of this CoP is to reach as many innovators and technicians as possible and get them together.” 

The first plenary meeting of the CoP will take place during the annual SESAM conference in Prague on Thursday, June 20, 2024, from 12:45-13:45.Industrial exhibitors are welcome. The precise location will be communicated. Before meeting up in person in June, we briefly present the four members of the committee animating it. This will also give you an  overview of the breadth of topics that fall under the CoP’s umbrella. 

Antonio Scalogna, computer and telecommunications engineer, is a simulation technician in SIMNOVA, the simulation center of Università del Piemonte Orientale in Novara, Italy. He is currently in charge of  maintenance of all Center  simulators and of the planning and management of audio and video systems. He also  gives support for the creation of courses and events inside and outside the Center. He coordinates  the SIM Review column in SIMZINE.

Maria Pilar Alzuguren Maza, pharmacist, is a Research Assistant of the Medical Engineering Laboratory of the School of Medicine of the Universidad de Navarra, Spain. Her present job consists of designing simulators. She  has two main projects underway: the development of a vocal fold surgery simulator, and of an ultrasound-guided venipuncture simulator.

Serena Ricci, biomedical engineer, is an Assistant Professor of biomedical engineering at the Università di Genova, Italy, where she teaches Medical Simulation to biomedical engineering students and leads the Joint lab for Emerging Technologies in Simulation. Currently the lab focuses on simulators for perinatal care training, including pelvic examination, newborn resuscitation, hemorrhage management, and surgery.

Willem van Meurs, electrical engineer, is a self-employed consultant in medical simulator and physiologic model design in Lahitte-Toupière, France. He is currently wrapping up his latest book  Learning physiology in context, together with Drs. Helyer and Lloyd from the University of Bristol. This book describes the use of model-driven and virtual patient-based simulators to teach physiology to about 1850 undergraduate students every year.

If you want to get in touch with the committee, please, email:


Willem van Meurs

Willem van Meurs

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