In my career path, “I Love Simulation” stands as my guiding motto

Nelly ElChammas
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Nelly ElChammas’ passion for simulation drove her to pursue advanced studies and become a Simulation Education Specialist in Doha, aiming to establish a leading simulation center. Here is the story of how she got to this point in her career.


In 2007, during my nursing board exam in Canada, I encountered clinical simulation for the first time. Though it was a mere component of an exam, and despite its initial introduction under exam conditions, I found myself captivated by its potential and fascinated by its teaching and testing modality. Since then, my fascination with simulation only grew. 

This fascination led me to a remarkable opportunity at the Lebanese American University, where I served as a Simulation Center Coordinator. At that time, simulation was a relatively new concept in Lebanon, with few experts in the field, sparking my curiosity and driving me to delve deeper into its wonderland world; indeed, I often refer to Simulation as a wonderland world, as it offers a boundless realm where one can create anything imaginable while ensuring a safe environment for exploration and learning. I felt compelled to explore this educational method further so that we could establish a cutting-edge simulation center in Lebanon.

My passion for simulation prompted me to engage actively in various conferences as a presenter and advocate for simulation-based learning. By 2016, I had progressed to the position of Senior Supervisor at the same center. Fueled by my passion for simulation, I pursued a master’s degree in management and obtained a Simulation Diploma to enhance my ability to manage our simulation center effectively. 

Since 2012, I had been diligently seeking opportunities to pursue a Ph.D. in Simulation. Finally, during the SESAM conference 2023, I crossed paths with an inspiring colleague who encouraged me to apply to their university. To my delight, I was accepted into their Ph.D. program in Simulation.

Driven by my perpetual quest for knowledge and growth, I seized an opportunity in January of this year to serve as a Simulation Education Specialist in Doha. In this role, I am responsible for overseeing simulation education across various healthcare schools, including nursing, midwifery, paramedicine, and pharmacy. My objective is to establish a robust simulation center that bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. I aspire to create a top-notch simulation center, pursue accreditation, and establish it as a leading hub for simulation in the region.

My journey in clinical simulation has been marked by unwavering love, passion and dedication. I firmly believe that simulation is a transformative tool that can revolutionize healthcare education, and I am committed to leveraging its potential to the fullest extent.

In summary, in my career path, “I Love Simulation” stands as my guiding motto.


Nelly ElChammas

Nelly ElChammas

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