Artificial intelligence and blockchain for training purposes

Emanuele Capogna
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Blockchain and artificial intelligence for a secure Metaverse where users can take advantage of its services, including training

Welcome back to our Pub,

The beer that our master brewer offers you is very particular and comes from South Korea. In this brewery they have tried to analyze how to use new technologies for the production of a new type of drink. This tasting is interesting for its innovative aspects and we hope it will give you new sensations to the palate.

This (meta)beer proposes the union of artificial intelligence and blockchain in the Metaverse to provide better, faster and safer healthcare facilities in the virtual space with a realistic experience. Healthcare professionals and patients enter this digital environment by registering on the blockchain and are represented by avatars.All consultation activities between the doctor and the patient are recorded and data, such as images, speech, text, video, clinical data, etc., are collected, transferred and stored on the blockchain. This data is then used for disease prediction and diagnosis byeXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) models. XAI’s approaches provide rationale for disease prediction and provide interpretability and transparency for disease diagnosis and prediction. Blockchain technology, on the other hand, guarantees the security of patient data and at the same time the transparency, traceability and immutability of their data. In this context artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality and the digital twin are all building blocks of the Metaverse.

The proposed healthcare system, in this virtual world, could be used for multiple purposes, such as education and training of healthcare professionals, diagnostics, definition of therapies and other different types of healthcare services.

[Ali S, Abdullah, Armand TPT, Athar A, Hussain A, Ali M, Yaseen M, Joo MI, Kim HC. Metaverse in Healthcare Integrated with Explainable AI and Blockchain: Enabling Immersiveness, Ensuring Trust, and Providing Patient Data Security. Sensors (Basel). 2023 Jan 4;23(2):565.]

I hope you also enjoyed this tasting! I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting to try new beers together.

See you soon,

your Brewmaster


Emanuele Capogna

Emanuele Capogna

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